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Direction/Design/Written by: Benji Davies & Jim Field

Grub is a short film we have been developing. It follows the life of an orphaned insect, discovered as a dark and mysterious egg. Once hatched, the young grub ventures out into the city, an insect world reminiscent of a decaying and poverty stricken Dickensian London. The story unfolds as he naively morphs into insect society, revealing his place in the food chain.

Grub is currently in pre-production.

See the teaser here:

An HD version is also playing on our Vimeo page:

Many thanks to all those who made the development possible:

Producer: Henry Scholfield Production Manager: Julie Crosbie

Character Models & Animation: Matt Ewbank, Josh Fourt-Wells Set Build: Naweed Khan, Paul McGeoch

Lighting & Rendering: Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester (Lumiere Studios) Music: Erik Wedin (Soundset)