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December 15th, 2008

For this months Digital Arts (January 2009) magazine we were asked to do a feature about Ladyhawke’s ‘My Delirium’ music promo. So we rattled off some rambling answers. Click on image for the large readable version and save yourself £5.99.


December 1st, 2008

We’ve just been interviewed by Nemone live on BBC 6 music! Our promo for Ladyhawke is her “Video of the Week” and she was desperate to hear the hot goss on how it was made…

If you are so inclined then pop over to iPlayer and listen to our five minutes of babble (skip through to about 2h19):

*new* Hold on to your hats! We now have a copy of the interview on mp3 which can be heard here:

Grub, Grub…Glorious Grub

October 30th, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the teaser clip from our short film, Grub, is now online and ready for your perusal!

Grub is a short film we have been developing. It follows the life of an orphaned insect, discovered as a dark and mysterious egg.  Once hatched, the young grub ventures out into the city, an insect world reminiscent of a decaying and poverty stricken Dickensian London. The story unfolds as he naively morphs into insect society, revealing his place in the food chain.

We have so far made just the one scene, via the powers of Partizan Lab, and we’re now looking for funding to make the full 9 minutes so please pass on to all those you know who might be interested… or anyone you like for that matter!

Link here:

Many thanks to all those who made the development possible:

Producer: Henry Scholfield Production Manager: Julie Crosbie

Character Models & Animation: Matt Ewbank, Josh Fourt-Wells Set Build: Naweed Khan, Paul McGeoch

Lighting & Rendering: Duncan Burch, Gavin Lester (Lumiere Studios) Music: Erik Wedin (Soundset)


October 26th, 2008

Fresh off the Frater press this week is our promo for New Zealand popster Ladyhawke (aka Pip Brown) and her latest single, “My Delirium”. Working with Pip’s friend and artist, Sarah Larnach, we hope to have created an animated video that reflects her layered watercolour painting style; intertwined with live action of Pip mooching about in a seedy american motel. Now showing in WORK.

You can see more of Sarah’s illustration work here.

Also to look out for in the coming weeks is the debut of our short film teaser, Grub. Stay tuned for more on that very soon…

The Age of Blog

August 27th, 2008

Hoorah! Our new site is live… and its full of blogability. 

Please browse our WORK pages for a hand-picked selection of projects we have undertaken (and a little case-specific production info) or just pop back every now and again to see our latest offerings. It’ll probably be a bit sporadic, not an everyday journal of how many pigeons have walked along the window ledge… we’ve already posted a few bits to get things started, so please do browse away. 

We’d also like to announce that “The Grotlyn” is finally available online via new Channel 4 animation site, . Go watch it and rank up the play count!