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Rediff – StuffSong

‘Just your stuff’

A singing rubber duck, a newspaper dog, dancing keys, trumpeting elephant bookends, a musical cricket ball, flying envelopes and a man in a silky red dressing gown, just your average day then. That was our quest from BBH for, an Indian search engine rebranding its website. It was our first step into directing a predominantly live action commercial. The brief was to utilise as many animation styles and techniques as possible bringing a guys ‘stuff’ to life as it sings and dances to Jackie Wilsons ‘Your Love, is Lifting me Higher’. The live action was shot on a location in North London lovingly decorated to look like a flat in Mumbai, the stop motion animation was shot in a separate location in South London in just two days, while post production was provided spiffingly by The Mill. A really great team helped to pull this all together in a very short time frame with results we were really happy with.

[quicktime width=”400″ height=”241″][/quicktime]

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