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Youth Music

We recently completed this little promotional viral for Silent Studios to promote the Youth Music Box, an impressive new installation at the Royal Festival Hall.

It takes the form of a high tech walk-in studio masquerading as a big white box. The idea is that people of all ages can turn up and create live music with no previous musical experience or skills via the cleverly constructed knobs, dials and keyboards.

After all their hard work realising such a massive project, Silent Studios came to us to create this promotional viral to advertise the piece to clients and public alike.

We got our friend illustrator Chris Haughton on board to provide an abstract visual interpretation to the script, which we then animated. Silent Studios were so pleased with the collaboration they also asked Chris to provide a new logo for the whole project.

After its stint in London, the box is off touring the country. Check it out if you can!

Watch the viral on our vimeo page here

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